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How to Maintain and Clean Wood Windows?

Does your house have old aesthetic wooden windows, or have you recently introduced newer wood windows to your place? This article is dedicated to prolonging your wood window's life and keeping your place’s beauty alive! The durability of the wooden frames is solely...

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Window condensation: What causes it and how to defog

When you wake up in the winters and remove your curtains to have a look outside the windows, but you can’t because of the fogged and frosted windows, it’s not a good feeling. The aesthetic value of your home is one among the many concerns that might bother you and not...

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Common Window Types

The Top 5 Vintage Window Types and How You Can Restore Them It is no secret that a window, in a broad sense, is a vented barrier in a wall opening that allows light and air into a home. The views tend to be quite lovely as well! But taking it a step further into the...

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Stained and Leaded Glass Windows

Leaded and Stained-Glass Windows It’s no secret that the purpose of a window is to gain a view outside and admit light inside. However, with leaded (no color) and stained (color) glass windows, the primary purpose is not to give people a visual of the outside, but to...

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We are now an Energy Trust Partner

Chosen Wood Window Maintenance, Inc has partnered with the Energy Trust Of Oregon to bring incentives to customers for restoring and upgrading their buildings’ current windows. The goal of the organization is to improve buildings energy efficiency and shrink energy...

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Reducing Noice by Updating Windows

How to Reduce Noise By Modernizing Your Windows We’ve all seen the horror movies and read the murder mystery novels where it’s a “dark and stormy night” and everyone is on edge, partially because of creaking, banging windows. Although storm sounds can be great for a...

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Get Help With Dry Rot Repair Today

If your wood windows show signs of dry rot, Chosen Wood Windows can help. Contact us today to schedule a time for a technician to come out to your home. We are here for you.

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