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Here’s What We Do…

Chosen Wood Windows is a premier wood window contractor that can repair, update, restore, and build your wood windows at a fraction of the cost of complete window replacement. We work on on modern, vintage and historical windows. Preserve the look of your home and hold on to your valuable wood windows.

We offer a wide variety of services such as:

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We cater to both residential and commercial clients. Our residential services cater to the Northwest including both Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. Our commercial services cater to Oregon, Washington, and beyond. More often than not, replacing wood windows is a poor economic and environmental decision. Most wood windows can be restored/repaired and upgraded to rival the performance of a standard replacement window — at a fraction of the cost. Don’t be tricked into replacing your windows, repair from Chosen Wood Window Maintenance is the best option on the market! If your windows cannot be saved we also offer services to build new sash and complete windows to your specifications.

About Us

Residential Wood Windows for Portland and Seattle

Saving thousands of dollars is one thing that Chosen Wood Window Maintenance can help you do. Our goal is to educate on the benefits or repairing and restoring wood windows. We aim at helping property owners realize that replacing damaged and weathered wood windows is not the only choice or the better choice. You will find that bringing your windows back into great condition is a choice that makes sense and is cost efficient.

Wood windows of different eras have different issues but maintenance and repair from Chosen Wood Window Maintenance is the best solution on the market. Don’t spend your money on replacing wood windows.

From vintage to modern,  we can cater to your specific needs. Preserving the look and feel of your wood windows while adding more value and efficiency to your home and your wallet. Over the years we have come up with products and solutions to handle all wood window issues. Have us take a look at your next project!
Residential Services

Commercial Restoration

Chosen Wood Windows provides project management to achieve your historical restoration project goal. We can tailor our methods and products to your certain needs. We can provide affordable alternatives to replacement with your project that maintains the value of the structure and keeps the building historically accurate as well. We have a proven record of providing quality work to many different types of projects!

Commercial Services

Chosen Wood Windows did a great job with our old windows. Our 1914 home had windows painted shut, and any working were leaky or had broken ropes. I had been thinking of installing double panes in the sashes for years but no time, and vinyl windows would diminish home value. They had the right equipment and expertise to repair the sashes quickly. Our home has the same look as before, but windows work and are efficient double pane.

Gustaf Karlholm, Real Estate Agent, Seattle, WA

It was great to have a company that could reuse all of our windows. Our home had a large remodel and we used green systems where ever we could.  Chosen Wood Windows was able to use all of our ‘1928’ original windows. All the single panes were removed and were replaced with energy efficient double panes. They were also able to preserve the leaded glass on the inside. The home is now less drafty as well as less expensive to heat.

Steve Romein, Architect, Seattle, WA

Chosen Wood Windows Company was excellent. They were reliable and responsible. They did what they said they were going to do when they said they were going to do it and for the price they said, which was a fair price the work being performed. We were able to keep our original windows from ‘1936’. They are now operable again and insulated.  We were able to take our storm windows off. This is a very valuable addition to our home.

Peter Wright, Homeowner

As a project Manager for the University of Oregon, and having used Chosen Windows on a number of Historic renovations on campus, I can heartily endorse them for their both quality of work and systems they employ. Chosen’s work on Fenton Hall (1906), where the original windows were removed, stripped, repaired as needed, and retrofitted with insulated glass units for energy efficiency. Five years later, and not one issue.

George Bleekman, Owners Rep, Eugene, OR