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We focus on full-scale wood and steel window restoration projects rather than small maintenance issues. No matter the size of the project, we can help.


We repair all types of wood windows, from vintage windows to modern manufactured windows, including vintage, Pozzi, Marvin, Weathervane, and more. We are dedicated to getting the job done fast and right, bringing the same quality we deliver to historic landmarks right to your door!

The Value of Window Restoration

Our approach to window restoration is simple: reuse what we can, consolidate, repair, and strengthen. It is not only what your windows look like on the surface, but also what is under the surface and how the windows function and perform. At Chosen Wood Windows, we provide a consistent approach in the way we repair and restore windows.

Modern Manufacturing Window Restoration

Your original windows fit your building. The style of your window was chosen to ensure that it matched the architectural style of your building, including trim, size of the building, and features of the structure as built. We keep your building consistent by restoring your windows with matching components, including glass, sash, trim and more.

Vintage & Historic Window Restoration

Chances are your windows have already done their job for 50 to 100 years. Sure, they may be a little creaky and not as attractive as they once were, but it’s a far better investment to repair a proven performer than to sink money into a new window that, at best, might offer a 20-year warranty. With proper maintenance, your vintage windows could last another 100 years.

Commercial & Residential Windows

At Chosen Wood Windows, we are proud to provide restoration services for both commercial and residential wood windows of all types. Whether you’re struggling with energy efficiency, deterioration, or noise reduction, we have the solutions you need to improve the appearance and performance of your vintage and modern windows.

Commercial Window Services:

  • Vintage Wood Window Restoration
  • Vintage Steel Window Restoration
  • Modern Wood Window Restoration
  • Door Repair
  • Building & Replicating
  • Energy Efficiency

Residential Window Services:

  • Vintage Wood Window Restoration
  • Modern Wood Window Repair
  • Door Repair
  • Building & Replicating
  • Energy Efficiency


See what our customers are saying

“Chosen Wood Windows is an unbelievable resource. They really are wood window experts. It’s been great working with them and learning about all of the resources they have available. I like that wood windows can be restored – it’s a sustainable and smart way to take something old and make it new again. And they can make windows more energy efficient than the originals. Their capabilities are impressive.”

“My experience with this company was nothing short of exceptional! They took the time and care to complete the job with efficiency and professionalism. The office staff were very helpful and kind as well as knowledgeable. I am impressed with the work done and will be recommending this company to many!”
-Carly Ward

“As a job applicant, I found Nick Forrest to be simply the best interviewer I have ever met. His willingness to accommodate and show flexibility toward the applicant is simply amazing. While there is no match currently for myself, Nick went out of his way to find a position for me. I am hopeful to be able to work for this company at some point. If Nick is an example of the people in this company, it is a great company to work for and it produces excellent work.”
-Robert Graham, HyperBike miniature horses

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