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Dry Rot Repair Services

Dry Rot Repair for Vintage & Modern Windows

Are your windows getting older? There’s a chance they have a metal-clad covering the wood but are still vulnerable to extensive dry rot and glass seal failures, causing your glass to fog up. These issues can affect the best wood windows, regardless of whether they were installed by a professional. The type of wood your windows were constructed with also affects durability. Hardwood windows are much more resistant to rot than softwood windows.

Essentially, any area of a building with the potential for dampness or moisture accumulation has a greater chance of wood deterioration or rot, especially in areas hidden from site (e.g., beneath floorings, inside walls, and/or under roofs).

Signs that a building could be concealing dry rot include:

  • Fiber with bubbling paint
  • Spongy and soft wood with or without a strange smell
  • Cracking and shrinking wood

While these signs might be observable to the novice eye, proper assessment of these problems requires pro skills and special tools, as does repair and restoration.

If you have quality, name-brand windows, they can be costly to replace. Repairing rather than replacing can extend the life of the window and provide cost savings. Not only can window repair be cost-efficient, it can also help to maintain your home value by restoring the original windows that are true to your home’s architecture and era. Plus, vintage windows are typically made from dense, long-lasting, old-growth hardwoods that can outlast modern wood windows typically manufactured from pine. Pine, like all softwoods, is less dense and more susceptible to rot.

Many homeowners consider vinyl/plastic replacement windows, which can diminish the value and beauty of your home. Replacements can result in mismatched windows. Wood windows can be repaired and maintained for life, staying true the original window style and size. With repair, you will never have mismatched windows or see obvious replacements. You can repair windows when needed, as needed. And they will always appear identical to all other original windows in your home.


When it comes to dry rot in your wood windows, we use quality VG fir components with identical profiles and replace only what is needed to get rid of the fungus. We offer long-term solutions. We don’t do patch jobs or fill-ins. We use full-length replacement parts and achieve a tight moisture seal.

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