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Weathervane Window Repair

a solution for virtually any problem you may have

Chosen Wood Window was a warranty service provider for Weathervane until the company went out of business and diminished warranty contracts. We were also the first to reproduce Weathervane parts and pieces.

If you have Weathervane wood windows, we have a solution for virtually any problem you may have. The wood windows installed in the 1980’s and 1990’s are no longer under warranty and there are very few options other than total replacement.These windows are highly susceptible to rotting frames and foggy glass. The ups and downs of our Northwest weather can cause insulated glass seals to burst and soft pine wood to deteriorate. Our company specializes in repairing these particular windows. Many of these windows have dry rot in the wood and/or broken seals in the insulated glass. We can replace the dry rot and glass at a much lower cost than total window replacement.

Wood Window Replacement

Glass replacement in Weathervane windows is one of our specialties

Our company has replacement parts, milled out of fir, to match the existing wood profiles. We are able to replace only what is necessary. This option provides a great way to maintain the original look of your home that is minimally invasive and at a fraction of the cost of new windows. We save the components of your windows that are salvageable and replace what is necessary.

Weathervane Window Services

  • Dry Rot Removal
  • Insulated Glass Replacement
  • Millwork, sash and complete window reproduction
  • Service on all wood windows and door operability
  • Service on hardware and weatherstripping issues.
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