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Commercial Modern Wood Window Restoration

Restoring Modern Wood Windows Is Worth It

Larger-Scale Window Repair Can Be Provided for Your Commercial Building

We have been repairing pine windows since the ban on pentachlorophenol (PCP) in 1985. PCP was a wood preservative that the pine was dipped in since wood windows began being produced in pine rather than the use of fir material, and this happened as part of the protection of the spotted owl.

Most pine windows rot from the inside out and start out at the bottom up. Shrinking or dimpled wood is a clear sign of decaying wood, and once it reaches the outside, becomes easily visible. Unlike the old fir material, when repairing pine material, we do not patch or splice pieces in. We replace the component in its entirety. If a piece of wood is 10 feet long, and it has dry rot, we will replace the entire 10-foot piece. These pine windows are soft and finger-jointed, and many times, the finger joints that come loose are where the rot starts.

When it comes to foggy glass in your windows, don’t be sold on a full replacement. For over a decade, we have been doing glass replacement while keeping the good wood intact. We believe in retaining good components and only replacing what is necessary, which will save you money. Yes, that’s right. There is no need to throw it all away!

When you hire Chosen Wood Windows to repair your rotted sash, we use high-quality VG fir, which will ensure your windows last through the elements that the Northwest throws at them. We save the components of your windows that are salvageable and replace what is necessary.


Restoring your modern wood windows is simple when you work with Chosen Wood Windows. We can assist with everything from glass replacement, energy-efficient upgrades, and dry rot repair to sash replacement.

Chosen Wood Windows is proud to work with multiple types and brands of wood windows. You name it. We can repair it!

Get Your Modern Wood Windows Repaired Today

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