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Vintage Wood Window Restoration

Why Restore Old Wood Windows?

Antique windows are a charming part of historic houses, and while it might be tempting to invest in replacement windows, the benefits aren’t always worth it. The quality of old building materials is unmatched by today’s inventions, and you’re unlikely to save the money you think you will. The points below highlight why restoration or repair is preferable when you have old windows that just need some adjustments!

1. You Appreciate Steadfast Craftsmanship

The true mortise-and-tenon construction of antique windows is incredibly strong. Easy repairs can be made to your antique window to restore its strength when it inevitably begins to weaken.

Many antique windows feature unique shapes and unmatched craftsmanship with wood joinery, and they deserve better than being pitched into a landfill. Consider repairing your antique windows to restore them to their former glory before completely scrapping them.

2. You Value Solid Materials

Antique wood windows are constructed from old-growth timber. This wood is much denser and weather resistant than today’s tree-farmed softwood, and delicate profiles are possible because of this heightened wood density.

Many of these windows are still around, even after years of neglect, because of the high quality wood that requires no cladding or additional weather-resistant materials. Beneath the paint, your wood windows are likely to be strong, beautiful, and graceful even after all of this time!

3. You Love the Character of Antique Glass

The glass in antique windows tells a story all its own. Your window may have roundel or cylinder glass, which each indicate a certain era of manufacturing.

Antique glass frequently has a variety of colors and textures that are pleasing to the eye, and it’s no wonder homeowners want to save this original feature. Two layers of glass are stronger than one. We can add a second layer — a storm window — to protect the original glass that provides so much character.


When replacing or updating your windows, there are many options worth considering that add to both the functionality and value of your home. Some of these are purely aesthetic, while others can save you a small fortune in energy costs. We can assist with everything from insulating glass, low-emissivity (Low-E) window insulation, and SLIP windows, to new window hardware, weatherstripping, and much more.

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