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Lead Management & Asbestos Glazing Removal

Lead Paint Management and Window Restoration

Chosen Wood Window is able to chemically strip sash and window components to remove all paint down to the substrate. We are also capable of encapsulating lead paint.

Our lead management disposal plans comply with EPA and OSHA standards for all window restoration tasks both on-site and in-shop. Our team is trained to act according to guidelines established by the Environmental Protection Agency and to comply with OSHA standard 1926.62.

Worker removing lead
Removing lead

Our lead management process includes:

  • Trained and experienced team with appropriate equipment.
  • Positioning worksite barriers.
  • Protective barrier or sheeting placed on areas below paint scraping to contain lead paint debris.
  • Use of debris-catching devices inside the window openings to catch paint chips as sash are scraped.
  • Vacuum hoses attached to scraping tools to catch debris during scraping.
  • Frequent work site cleaning as work progresses to reduce the spread of dust and paint chips.
  • Use of a HEPA vacuum to collect dust and paint chips that settle on surfaces.
  • Proper offsite disposal of construction debris as it is created and bagged.

Asbestos Glazing Removal

Depending on the age of your windows, it is possible that asbestos chrysotile is contained in the glazing putty. Asbestos is commonly found in window components manufactured between 1930 and 1980. If that is the case, trained members of our team will follow a procedure to carefully contain the putty and remove sash from your location. We notify the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) for Washington and Oregon and transport the sash according to DEQ requirements. At our shop, any sash with asbestos is placed in an asbestos containment room, where glazing is carefully removed and replaced with putty that meets current standards. Putty waste is bagged according to DEQ requirements and transported to an authorized asbestos disposal facility. We do not perform asbestos abatement for glazing putty on location. We are only permitted to work with asbestos in a non-friable state.

Window restoration

The Chosen Solution – Lead Management & Asbestos Glazing Removal

Chosen Wood Windows can perform lead paint removal during the restoration process for your vintage windows. We can also remove and replace glazing that contains asbestos according to DEQ guidelines. Whatever you need, we can make it happen.

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Looking for a reliable historic restoration contractor who can work on multiple types of vintage commercial and residential windows? We can remove old lead-based paint safely, according to EPA guidelines, and restore your windows. We can also replace asbestos-containing window glazing. Complete our form below for a free estimate for your vintage window repair or restoration. We are excited to hear from you.