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Complete Vintage Window Restoration

Complete Restoration for Historic Windows

Many older buildings still have fir or hardwood-crafted wood windows. These woods from older-growth trees mean denser, longer-lasting wood, and it’s vital to restore rather than replace windows made from these valuable hardwoods.

If your windows are made of cedar, fir, or any other high-quality hardwood, do not be lured into thinking that you need to replace your existing wood windows. We can restore the original integrity of your windows with professional restoration and preservation techniques.

The wood material for these windows was sourced from old-growth forests, and, sadly, there aren’t many old-growth forests left. Modern replacement windows aren’t made of quality hardwood materials. Modern wood windows are typically manufactured from plantation-grown, less-dense wood farmed for building materials. This means they are not designed to last, and could require replacement after a relatively short period of service. The good news is that we offer many options to repair and upgrade your valuable vintage wood windows to modern operating and energy efficiency standards. Let us help!

Proven Performers

Chances are your windows have already done their job for more than 50 to 100 years. Sure, they might be a little creaky, and not as attractive as they once were, but it’s a far better investment to repair a proven performer than to sink money into a new window with, at best, a 20-year warranty. With proper maintenance, your antique windows could be restored to their original beauty and last another 100 years.

Replacement windows are most often set into the original window opening, yet the sash is smaller than the original sash, giving you less viewing area and less light. No one wants that. Replacement windows have a rigid structure that fits within your window openings. Old houses move and shift over time, and gaps often open up around replacement windows and the window openings, which can result in more drafts and water leaks than the original windows.

Original Windows Can Add Aesthetic & Monetary Value to Your Building

These days, it’s not easy to find high-quality wood windows, especially hardwood windows. If produced today, they are often custom windows and quite expensive. Apart from being long-lasting, vintage hardwood windows add aesthetic and monetary value to your home. Restoring, rather than replacing, your original wood windows typically means that your home will hold more value.

Chosen Wood Windows can bring your existing wood windows back to their original condition – or better- restoring function and improving energy efficiency. This type of restoration rivals newly produced windows, while holding more value and maintaining beauty. Choosing replacement windows rather than restoring original windows can result in a loss of character for your home. Your original vintage windows are the best solution for matching the style of your home.

Your wood windows likely already have a 75+ year track record of service. For less money than replacement, they are infinitely repairable, with the right tools and knowledge.


Our goal is to deliver the utmost value through restoration. To reach a wider range of customers and deliver this value, we tailor our options for window restoration to your building and individualized plans to ensure the greatest impact. Different options for restoring, such as energy updates, are available, as well as different levels of window restoration, depending on what’s most cost-effective for you.

At Chosen Wood Windows, we offer full-service restoration (i.e., start-to-finish window rejuvenation) and vintage window repairs. Aspects of this involve:

    • Cataloging windows and their components
    • Pulling sash and other essential components
    • Window infills for protection
    • Shop restoration for sash and millwork
    • Frame restoration
    • Joint sealant
    • Preparing, priming, and painting
    • Replications
    • Millwork
    • Component installation
    • Touch-ups

    We provide protected transportation of all components to and from our restoration shop.

    For sash and millwork only, we also offer shop restoration. A proven and efficient window restoration contractor can keep costs low by restoring components in a controlled environment with a workforce that knows how to get the job done. With more than 20 years in the trade, we have extensive knowledge in restoring and replicating sash, doors, and millwork efficiently and with a quality, uniform outcome. Our shop setup was designed with window restoration in mind. We realize that, in some cases, it can be more cost-effective for us to restore sash and millwork, with the prime contractor or another contractor handling the on-site work. You’ll find that our company provides a quick turnaround time on projects.


    Fill out the form below, or give us a call now to move forward with your window restoration. We look forward to meeting you.