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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can You Work?
We can take on residential jobs in Oregon and Washington, and commercial jobs in any city or state.
What Is Your Process?

At Chosen Wood Windows, we strive to bring a personable and professional customer experience to every job. It’s our goal to bring you a value-added alternative to your project. Thank you for your business!

Step 1. In-Home Evaluation

  • We will review your goals, give you options, and explain the benefits of repair and updating vs. replacement.
  • We will do a thorough inspection and measurement of your windows after the project specifics are determined.

Step 2. Estimate

  • We will send you a tailored estimate complete with pricing and an estimated completion time.
  • The estimate will be itemized into the pricing for products and services separated into different rooms.
  • The estimate will be sent to you in about 5-7 business days.
  • Note: We have a $1,000-dollar residential job minimum.

Step 3. Order/Build Product Custom to Specs

  • Once we have received a signed copy of the estimate, and a 50% deposit is collected, we will submit a shop purchase order. Our order processor determines how long it will take to build or order and receive your parts.

Step 4. Scheduling

  • We will contact you to schedule an installation date when we know the completion and arrival date of the product.
  • We will send an email about a week prior to the scheduled job date to confirm the date and go over any last-minute job details.
  • If additional work is requested, the current job must be completed, and a new job must be opened.
  • During our initial estimate, we will do our best to calculate the completion time, but sometimes a project can be less or more than the anticipated time. If the time goes over, we will prioritize your job and get you back on the schedule ASAP.

Step 5. Installation

  • Our crew can help move furniture away from window openings. (Note: We are not liable for damage during moving, so we strongly recommend that you personally move items of significant monetary or personal value.)
  • After the job clean-up, we will do a customer walkthrough, where a signature and final payment are collected. The customer must be present at the job completion.

Steps for You

  • Alarms: Please schedule your alarm company to reconnect any alarms that may have been affected during our visit.
  • Please have your driveway clear for our box truck. (The box truck also needs a connection to the power outlet.)
  • Please keep pets or small children clear of work areas.

For any questions about our processes or estimate clarification, please give us a call at 503-266-3830.


Alarms: Chosen Wood Window, Inc is not responsible for any alarm system repairs that may be required due to dry rot repair and/or glass replacement.
Dry Rot: On dry rot repair, all material will be primed on the exterior only. We do not fill nail holes or prep or finish paint.

Low-E: Due to the constantly changing nature of the manufacturing of Low-E types, unless a specific type of Low-E is specified by the customer and available from our suppliers, there is no guarantee that the Low-E glass we provide will match the existing Low-E product.

Tempered Low-E: During the tempering process of Low-E glass, it is possible for a “heat strain” pattern to form. This may become visible under certain lighting conditions as a slight haze between the panes. Glass manufacturers do not consider this a defect and do not offer warranty remakes because of this. Chosen Wood Windows will attempt to inspect all Low-E tempered units for the heat strain pattern before installation. However, there is no guarantee it will be detected. Once the glass unit is installed, no warranty will be offered for the heat strain pattern.

Paint: On dry rot repair, all material will be primed on the exterior only. We do not fill nail holes or prep or finish paint.

SLIPs: SLIPs come primed in an off-white beige. SLIPs can be painted upon request with a charge.

No-Show Policy: A no-show charge will be applied to jobs when a Chosen professional arrives and is unable to complete the scheduled work due to customer absentee. If a customer can not be present during the appointment, arrangements can be made. This also applies to cancellations with less than a 48-hour notice.

Termination: In the event that you withdraw your project, there will be a 3% processing fee if no materials were yet ordered. If materials were ordered, we are unable to refund your deposit, and you will be billed for the materials purchased.

Payment: A 50% deposit is required to order materials. Visa/MasterCard/Check can be used for the deposit. Payment is due at the completion of the job. The customer must make themselves available for a walk-through at the time of completion. Return trips for an unavailable customer walk-through are subject to an additional service charge.


Get Help With Dry Rot Repair Today

If your wood windows show signs of dry rot, Chosen Wood Windows can help. Contact us today to schedule a time for a technician to come out to your home. We are here for you.

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