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Commercial Vintage Wood Window Restoration

Why Restore Vintage Wood Windows for Commercial Buildings?

There are endless reasons to restore vintage wood windows. They include:

1. You Want Your Windows to Function the Way They Used to

Weights and pulleys are the best window-balancing systems ever invented. A common myth is that cold air commonly enters the house through the weight pocket, but this is generally because there is a gap between the outside trim and the house siding. Cold air entry may also indicate a poor seal at the floor joists.

Replacing these weights and pulleys with vinyl jamb liners or invisible balancing systems offers a maximum lifespan of only 10 to 20 years, and these systems often fail before that time. When windows are restored to work the way they were designed to work, it’s a joy to open and close your windows easily!

2. You Want to Save 30% to 40% on Heating & Cooling Costs

According to the Field Study of Energy Impacts of Window Rehabilitation Choices, the estimate of first-year energy savings are extremely low – only a .60¢ savings — when comparing performance of a replacement window to a restored wooden storm window

The authors noted, “The decision to renovate or replace a window should not be based solely on energy considerations, as the difference in estimated first-year savings between the upgrade options is small.”

Small, repairable issues like broken glass, failed glaze, or lack of weatherstripping are what really affect a window’s overall energy efficiency.

3. Your Building Is Historic

One of the things that make your building unique is that it’s been around virtually forever. Restoring the vintage wood windows can help maintain its former glory and the original architecture that made it so memorable in the first place. With Chosen Wood Windows’ methods, we can preserve the antique design of the windows that give your building its charm.


Chosen Wood Windows can perform window upgrades, such as switching out single-pane styles for insulated glass, installing double-pane or triple-pane windows, putting in SLIP windows, and even weatherstripping and window refitting. Whatever you need, we can make it happen.

Did You Know? You can ship windows to us from different states. We are happy to do the restoration or repair work and ship it right back to you.

Note: We do not perform piecework, but rather, we restore all ‘like sash’ with the same restoration steps to achieve an efficient, dependable, and uniform finished product. Keep in mind that the restoration process is customizable. We can tailor our off-site and on-site scope to best suit the project.

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