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Heritage Windows Restoration- The Lodge at St. Edwards Park

The lodge at st. Edward’s park, a beautifully restored landmark building, commissioned chosen wood windows maintenance for its steel and wood window restoration. But the sheer scale of complex restoration work was not the only challenge. The project presented the unique challenge of retaining the heritage and architecture of the building with zero compromises on the quality part.

Improving thermal efficiency is one thing, along with restoring or replacing broken glass, and inoperable sashes, and eradicating any leaks, troublesome draughts, rattles, and operation problems.

To renovate the windows while meeting the building requirements, experts of the chosen team carried out a window-by-window survey of the building and came up with recommendations. The complete restoration was divided into three phases for extremely careful renovation.

survey and planning

Before placing the windows on the renovation project, the chosen team documented each window to identify the extent of deterioration and decide whether the window requires repair or replacement.

Physical evaluation

Our team evaluated the existing condition of the windows on a unit-by-unit basis. To understand the scope of repair, we used an infographic system with detailed pictures of:

  • exterior shot of the building
  • exterior shot of the windows
  • full-frame shot of the windows from the interior
  • close-up views of the intersections and sash

cataloging and repairing

The existing condition of the windows and repair scopes was documented separately for the metal windows and the wooden windows.

Our team identified the windows to be repaired, which ones to be replaced, and the treatment method for the individuals.

Further, the windows were classified based on deterioration levels and the required treatment method. The classification and repair wires are carried out in a 4-fold manner.

  • routine maintenance for minor repairs. This included paint removal, re-glazing, weatherstripping, and repainting.
  • stabilizing windows in place with small deterioration by waterproofing, patching, and consolidating the existing material.
  • partial replacement by repairing frame damage on-site, repairing rusty material, component replacement, and splicing replacements in the existing fabric.
  • total replacement includes pulling out the sashes for shop restoration, changing broken glass panes, and replacing other parts beyond repair.

replacement and final installation

Replicating the historic windows with the replacement windows is a significant challenge of accuracy.
The chosen wood window maintenance stands out here!

We selected the replacements based on the existing material we were replacing and not simply based on what was commercially available.

That means we ensured that the replacement sash replicates the historic sash in pane size, configuration, historical color, glazing, muntin detailing, and profile. Because we know that the profiles of the replacement materials like sash and frames are different- thinner, flatter, wider, or narrower than the historical profiles.

Any change in the relief can alter the entire appearance of the building, so we made sure to carry out the subtle renovation. We also ensure that the window installation matches the existing windows’ relationship with the walls.

Our approach was based on making the renovations sympathetic to the building’s design and preserving the original aesthetics of architecture. We completed the project on schedule and to budget.

Moreover, the clients were happy with what the chosen achieved at the renovation at a granular level.

  • preserving the heritage of the building
    The lodge has a blend of the art décoratifs design and romanesque revival architecture, and this historic authenticity made it imperative for us to preserve it. We ensured that there is no detectable change in the existing aesthetics of the building.
  • increased thermal efficiency
    Historic wood sashes outperform any other materials in durability and less thermal conductivity. With our careful restoring and resealing work, we ensured the high thermal efficiency of the place.
  • sustainable restoration
    We reused more than 95% of the existing materials making the renovation a highly sustainable process.
  • enhanced durability
    The chosen was commissioned for the job for this important reason- to increase the durability of the windows, and we did it. The windows are ready to operate efficiently for another 90 years.
  • to the budget
    With our sustainable measures with more focus on reuse and restoration, we made the project budget-friendly for our client.

“We extremely approve of the work completed by the chosen wood windows maintenance for Delivering a superb finish. We are also very happy for the on-time submission of the project and the professional handling by The chosen team. Carefully detailing the work and making it budget-friendly is commendable.”

This is how our client at the lodge lauded our efforts and delivery.

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