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Chosen WWM – sole stop for all kinds of Window Maintenance

Windows welcome light, warmth, and beauty to your house. They keep you safe no matter what the weather is outside. Along with safety and security, they also add to the aesthetics of the home.

Any realtor in the world would agree that a house with windows is worth more than a window-less mansion. Ample windows make the interiors stuffy, so it is essential to have proper
cross-ventilation windows. A properly maintained window also adds residual value to your house. But why are we talking about windows?

Many people think that windows are a traditional necessity, but it’s not true. With the fast-changing world, we are experiencing different problems in maintaining a peaceful center in
our houses and good windows are the solutions for most of them.

Condensation, warping, cracking, rotting wood, sill, and frame gap, faulty functionality, and many other issues directly impact your home’s expenses and efficiency. They may lead to massive energy consumption by house thermostats.

Imagine this – You bought a beautiful vintage house with a fantastic view outside, and a pond nearby, and you can’t wait to enjoy the beautiful scenery. But then you see this malfunctioning rusty old window that just feels like salt and pepper in a cake! Would you like them covered with bulky thick curtains?

There are many issues that you may face with windows, and it seems like a huge expense. But Chosen Wood Window Maintenance has been fixing all kinds of problems since 1998. Our team has been doing it cleanly and effortlessly. Let’s find out how?

Practical and affordable window maintenance by Chosen WWM

Chosen Wood Window maintenance has been renovating vintage, modern, and historic wood windows for two decades. Our roots are set in one mantra that every user loves.

Even minor window problems are costing not just money but time and effort because you have been replacing the whole set with a new one. While this is a typical approach everywhere,
CWWM has been repairing and restoring the broken and worn-out parts of your window with just a fraction of what a whale replacement would cost.

This has been beneficial for nature, users, and our team because we love doing it for you.

We believe in repairing rather than replacing.

We have been restoring many historic and vintage buildings in many states while also maintaining their beautiful natural look.

Take St. Edward’s Seminary, for example. It was founded in 1930, and its windows are still holding strong. Its windows were falling apart. But we restored the original feel and touch of the window by repairing it part by part and also maintaining the strength to last another 90 years. If you have a close look at those windows, they closely resemble their old feel but with improved functionality.

We maintain the heritage and the strength.

We have seen people experiencing dry rot and seal failure more than any other issues. More wetness can bring dry rot and temperature changes, especially when it’s hot outside, getting
seal failure. We have often seen people opting for a complete window replacement.

But these are reoccurring problems, and you can’t change your window every now and then. To save you time and effort, Chosen tries to analyze the exact cause of the problem and fixes and restores the part that is causing the problem.

Our solutions prove to save you money by reusing what’s good and providing a long-term solution.

We only replace what’s necessary.

Manufacturing replacement parts produces more waste, uses non-renewable sources, and pollutes the environment. Forests are cleared in huge masses to produce these window

Do you know why old windows had such long working life than the new ones? It is because they have aged well. Old wood windows provide much more working and energy efficiency than new wood can provide. Repairing those windows will provide more efficiency, energy conservation, style, and value.

So we as responsible citizens can opt only to replace what’s necessary and repair the rest. Chosen chooses to bring more nature-friendly, valuable solutions to you.

We love mature nature.

Apart from storing old wooden windows, we also repair and restore modern wooden or steel windows. In the haste of repairing, our team doesn’t forget the essence of your style.

Our restoration works in a way that the style is maintained, and it also provides better performance.

We believe that Style and performance should go hand in hand.

These are the values we work on. We have provided numerous solutions to people and saved them from wasting their resources. Below are some of the problems that you all might relate to:

Problems with wood windows and how to fix them

  1. Dry rot – people come to us with their never-ending trouble of the wooden fungal decay. It causes cracking and powdering of the wood. We ourselves have faced these troubles.
    Chosen’s solution – We have a team sent over to your place to examine the dry rot’s exact cause and area. After examining the root cause, we provide the necessary solution straight from the removal of dry rot, replacement of damaged wood, and exterior protection methods. You are ensured that even though the parts are removed, but the look and feel of the original window are kept intact.
  2. Inoperable window sash – they are the most crucial part of a window in order for them to work. Inoperable sashes lead to drafts and leaks, and many other issues. After all,
    how would you open and close your windows if they aren’t operable?Chosen solution – After the complete examination, we can build an entirely new sash as per your requirement. They are constructed with high-grade mortise with quality
    gazing techniques. We can also replicate the sashes from the manufacturers that have gone out of business. We build them for windows of all shapes and sizes. You can either choose
    Chosen-install or self-install, and we will supply.
  3. Weatherization – Have you ever experienced huge electricity bills because of energy loss through windows? Air leaks can cause huge blocks of energy loss, causing drafts in
    winter and unnecessary heat gain in summers.Chosen’s solution – Weatherstripping is a simple, affordable, and efficient way to improve a home’s energy efficiency. It seals air leaks and provides a better solution
    against air drafts. Weatherstripping is proven to reduce your bills by 30%, approximately making you feel warm all winter.
  4. Steel window restoration – The major issue faced with steel windows is rusting. Other problems faced are deteriorated sections and worn-off paint. Steel windows, though are
    highly durable but are susceptible to rusting. They are majorly seen in historic buildings.Chosen solution – We provide many answers, right from removing the rust to refinishing them with paints or sealants to avoid the reformation of rust. We work in terms of
    the green initiative, giving your original steel windows a fresh and more robust start.

We also provide solutions for glass replacements, damaged wood repair, glazing, and hardware parts.

Chosen Wood Window offers plans for many other windows troubles with repairing/restoring techniques. It alleviates the cost of complete renovation and the hassle that you face before and after the installation.

We want to educate people on the importance of cost and energy efficiency. Our team is trained with high standards, and even minor projects are done with high quality and value. We take help from the local carpenters to keep money in the region instead of outflow of funds.

Chosen is your sole stop for all kinds of window maintenance with high standards and practicality.