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We are now an Energy Trust Partner

Chosen Wood Window Maintenance, Inc has partnered with the Energy Trust Of Oregon to bring incentives to customers for restoring and upgrading their buildings’ current windows. The goal of the organization is to improve buildings energy efficiency and shrink energy footprints.

Chosen Wood Window Maintenance provides products as services that can bring major decreases to your month to month energy costs for both commercial and residential owners. We have solutions such as retrofitting single pane windows with new glazing options such as insulated, laminated, and Low-e glass. We also carry other options for updating such as window attachments, weatherstripping, and more.

Your original windows not only fit the architectural style of your house but also for many homes, the windows were custom made and sized to the opening they’re in. Replacing windows can cause uneven styling in your home but also older homes tend to move and shift over time and frequently the gaps that open up around replacement windows and the window openings result in more drafts and water leaks than the original windows. Make sure you learn all the options for updating your current windows for insulation and performance before seeking outright replacement.

Certain qualifications apply and differ between residential and commercial sectors. To find out more please visit the organization’s website and also give us a call to schedule a consultation for your windows. We provide free estimates to residential and commercial customers in Oregon and Washington. To set up a meeting or to get more information, please call 503-266-3830 or fill out our contact form.