Steel Windows make up a large quantity of vintage windows and are a major portion of windows in historic structures, especially in industrial commercial buildings. Structures that have steel windows are very distinct, often with a lot of distinct character. Replacing, rather than restoring, these windows can make the building look out of sorts if replacement windows are not of a similar era or style. Keeping and restoring your windows can be a viable option for your building and your budget.

Steel windows carry a  lot of benefits…

Steel windows are strong! This means that these windows are very durable and the material can last ages. Steel has become the standard material when it comes to strong building products. You’ll find steel components as the centerpiece material when it comes to building the tallest and robust structures in the world. While strong in structure and material; steel windows, just like wood windows can succumb to the elements and show signs of deterioration. The good news is that, like wood windows, this deterioration can be remedied. Small deterioration such as surface rust ground and refinished. More major components and sections can be removed and spliced with congenial product.

Vintage windows are extremely strong in structural integrity. The windows built with strong rolled steel can provide extra sense of security for building owners. Both security in the the build of the window and also security in protecting your valuables in your structure and keep unwanted people out!

Steel windows can be efficient. These windows wont easily sag and droop unlike some other building materials. The components holding the windows in place may need time to time maintenance but the steel material wont sag. This means that the steel windows will will keep in square as long as the windows were originally fitted right. This means the windows are less likely to create drafts overtime and changes in the fit of the sash in the frame.

Steel windows can be repaired, restored and upgraded. Its possible to repair rust and defects to give your windows a renewed appearance. Advances in glass materials has make upgrades in steel window glazing a winner as well!

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Chosen Windows Offers Steel Window Restoration


Restoring your steel windows can be a very wise decision, especially in terms of the ‘green’ initiative and potential money saved. We can refurbish steel windows and offer options for energy efficient glazing, giving your original steel windows a fresh start!

Our company can bring your windows back to life. Many years of working with vintage wood windows has given Chosen the opportunity to work steel windows. The services we offer for steel window restoration are:

  • Glazing

  • Efficiency Options

  • Historic Restoration

  • Operation

  • Paint Removal

  • Rust Removal

  • Replace Deteriorated Sections

  • Removal and Installation