Weathervane Windows are very popular in the Seattle area.

Seattle Weathervane Windows can be found throughout homes from the 80s and 90s. While they are an attractive window they can be troublesome.

These windows are highly susceptible to rotting frames and to foggy glass. The ups and downs of our Northwest weather can cause insulated glass seals to burst and soft pine wood to deteriorate.

Original Weathervane windows are highly vulnerable to dry rot due to their pine wood construction.

When you hire Chosen Wood Window to REPAIR your rotted sash, we use high quality VG fir which will ensure your windows last through the elements that the Northwest throws at them. We save the components of your windows that are salvageable and replace what is necessary.

Seattle Weathervane Window Dry Rot Repair
Chosen Wood Window Maintenance Experts in Seattle Washington

At Chosen Wood Window Maintenance, we can take care of all your wood window worries, and at a fraction of the cost of the other guys

We were warranty service providers for Weathervane until the company went out of business and the warranty contracts diminished. We were also the first to reproduce Weathervane parts and pieces

Full Weathervane Window Replacement is a thing of the past.
Save money by only replacing what is necessary.

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Chosen Wood Window Maintenance takes care of the Seattle area

When it comes to foggy glass in your windows don’t be sold on full replacement. For over a decade we have been doing glass replacement while keeping the good wood intact.

We believe in retaining good components and only replacing what is necessary, which will save you money. Yes that’s right, there is no need to throw it all away

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