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Every project has its own unique needs

We strive to ensure that our wood window repair exceeds your expectations. Our process is deliberate and thoughtful – focusing on long-term benefits.

At Chosen, we are the wood window repair experts!

We can take are of all your home wood window renovation needs! Share your project goals with us, and we  offer our guidance, complete with options and an estimate for your project. Our evaluations are custom just for you, we focus on existing problems and never add anything that is not needed. The evaluation comes at no cost to you.

At Chosen Wood Window Maintenance, our team comes directly to you for all parts of the project. Our mobile shops are fully equipped and are set up to work in rain or shine. Our mobile shops are weatherproof and fully equipped with the tools we need to work effectively and efficiently. It is a controlled environment, much of what we do takes place outside your home. We strive to bring as little of disturbance to the experience as possible and provide peace of mind. When our work is done we are eager to show show off our quality craftsmanship with a customer walk through.

We have a diversified portfolio of work which gives us the knowledge and skills to work in many different environments and on many different types of projects. We are proven experts in our field whose goal is to provide the best value for your money. At Chosen Wood Window Maintenance, we emphasize quality craftsmanship above all. We set the bar in how simple wood window restoration can be!

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Our Process

  • Discuss your window / door needs
  • Visit your home to evaluate and inspect what products and services best suit those needs
  •  Offer you our proposal
  • Make an appointment for the project team to commence work upon your acceptance of the proposal
  • Commence repairs and renovation
  • Ensure the satisfactory completion of the proposed tasks and responsibilities
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