Commercial Window Restoration

Whether your building is 10 miles away or a 1000 miles away we can service your commercial window restoration needs.

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Commercial Window RestorationWhen it comes to wood (…and now steel windows!) windows in old buildings, we believe restoring and updating is second to none. Preserving the old windows will maintain the character of the structure and it will collect greater value for the money. Here at Chosen, we have realized this for decades and we have created products and solutions to capture this value and bring it to the people we serve.

We offer a wide variety of services such as glass replacement, wood damage repair, dry rot, inoperable sash repair, historical preservation and much more; we are full service. We have solutions for all your wood window needs. Share your project goals with us, and we will offer our guidance, options and alternatives complete with an estimate for your project.  We work closely with architects to give you the best value options on your project. Quality is never sacrificed.  We come prepared with the workforce, training and equipment to meet your schedules and meet or exceed the specifications of your project.  If your project is seeking Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design(LEED) qualification we can tailor our methods and products to your certain needs. Our business is financially secure with good bonding power ready for your project. Our diverse project history has given us skills and knowledge on working in many different job environments, Click here to check them out!

Its Simple, repairing your old windows will save you money. Why replace them when you can maintain the charm of your structure in a cost-effective way? More often than not, replacing windows is a poor economic and environmental decision. Most wood windows can be restored and upgraded to rival the performance of a standard replacement window — at a fraction of the cost. Although wood windows can have their challenges such as broken glass, poorly operating sashes, wood damage, energy efficiency, and lead paint, problems are the simplest and most cost-effective problems to fix.

Get a hold of us for your next project, we can show you how and why it is advantageous to restore and update rather than replace. If restoration doesn’t make sense for a particular project, we will let you know but usually that is not the case. We are problem solvers with the knowledge and experience to provide you with solutions!

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“As a project Manager for the University of Oregon, and having used Chosen Windows on a number of Historic renovations on campus, I can heartily endorse Chosen for both their quality of work and systems they employ. My first experience with Chosen was on Fenton Hall (1906), where the original windows were removed, stripped, repaired as needed, and retrofitted with insulated glass units for energy efficiency. The windows were reinstalled and after five years of use we have not had one call back.”

George Bleekman, Owner's Representative, Capital Design & Facilities Management

Historical Preservation

Wood windows and their functional and decorative features are of utmost importance in defining a buildings overall historic character. Our mission is to never jeopardize that, but to only have products and solutions to improve upon it.

Chosen Wood Windows provides full service project management to achieve your historical restoration project goals within the standards set forth by The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties. We aim to protect and maintain original components and features of the overall window and building. We conduct an in depth survey of the existing windows and give all the options available. It starts with planning. We catalog all of the windows in your building making sure sash get back to their original place together with their original parts and pieces and can also regain original seamless operation as well.

We have over 40 historical preservations completed and more going including Oregon supreme court houses, University of Oregon Gerlinger hall, the Portland Armory and much more.

Commercial Window Restoration

Chosen Windows Now Offers Steel Window Restoration


Restoring your steel windows can be a very wise decision, especially in terms of the ‘green’ initiative and potential money saved. We can refurbish steel windows and offer options for energy efficient glazing, giving your original steel windows a fresh start!

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Compliance and Safety

Our commercial window restoration and repair programs are focused on the EPA’s Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Program (40 CFR Part 745, Subpart E) and OSHA’s 29 CFR 1926.62 in order to properly train and protect our workers, contracted employees, and the public from a health & safety standpoint. However, Chosen Wood Window Maintenance is not a lead abatement contractor. Our program includes employing staff that are experienced at carpentry, painting, and performing maintenance repairs. Additionally, and in terms of training, we have added the asbestos, lead, and silica awarness certification. As outlined in the OSHA Lead in Construction document and the standard, we have noted the areas of significance below that our program includes:

1) Hazard determination, including exposure assessment; 2) Medical Surveillance and provision for medical removal; 3) Job-specific compliance programs; 4) Engineering and work practice controls; 5) Respiratory protection; 6) Protective clothing and equipment; 7) Housekeeping; 8) Hygiene facilities and practices; 9) Signs; 10) Employee information and training; 11) Record keeping; 12) Job Hazard analysis

We satisfy the OSHA regulations by providing hazard communication training, PPE, and medical surveillance. With our program, we include exposure monitoring, biological monitoring, blood lead testing, recordkeeping, and respiratory protection. The RRP Checklist is utilized for pre-renovation and project set-up, and post-renovation cleaning as this is appropriate for our work practices and methods. Our Lead Management/Compliance Plan is detailed, comprehensive, and covers our work at Chosen Wood Window Maintenance.

All of the compliance information is discussed in our Lead Management/Compliance Plan. The plan is designed for how we manage lead renovation and restoration projects, manage lead paint and debris, and manage our work practices, etc., whether the projects are limited in scope or more detailed. Compliance, safety, and customer satisfaction are our top priorities at Chosen Wood Window Maintenance.

If you would like more information on how we can help with your commercial project, give us a call and let us know!