New Options for Updating Your Windows

Rising energy costs have consumers looking for ways to insulate or update, and possibly giving up the beauty and charm of vintage windows in their homes.

Full window replacement can be very costly

Full window replacement can also take away the look, feel, and value of your home. Our company recognizes that, if given the option, building owners would rather keep their vintage wood windows than replace them.  Vintage windows are made of long-lasting, quality materials that — with the right upkeep — add value and charm to the structure. Vintage windows were made with excellent hardwood products less prone to dry rot than today’s product.

Chosen Wood Window Maintenance offers updating options for all styles of vintage windows that deal with all problems vintage windows may have. We offer solutions for energy efficiency, insulation, drafty windows(weatherstripping), functional issues and more.

The Slim Line Insulating Pane (SLIP) and Conversions are a couple of updating options we offer. Both options retain the entire window, including the sash and make your original windows rival operability and energy efficiency standards set by modern replacement windows. After touch up paint is applied, the product blends into the original vintage appearance.

Some of the benefits of the SLIP:

  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Sound reduction
  • Less expensive than window/glass replacement
  • Maintains original beauty and charm of existing windows
  • Windows can stay historically accurate and functional
  • Solid, well-designed construction and material
  • Tested and proven product

The SLIP is designed for all types of wood windows including awning, casement, picture, double hung, and even doors.

We’re happy to bring you the SLIP System

After working with vintage windows for 20 years and seeing the issues that come with them, we designed the Slim Line Insulating Pane. It’s designed to update the vintage window to a more current standard for energy efficiency and operability. SLIP adds an additional pane to each sash, either interior or exterior, retaining the original window glass. It will protect and preserve the glass and glazing by shielding it from the weather, reducing water penetration and condensation during the winter months. Weatherstripping is included to stop drafts. If A SLIP is used on a double hung, a balance system is installed for flawless window function. The options for SLIP glass can be clear, tinted, Low-E, or obscure. One of the biggest values is how our SLIP’s product looks compared to a storm window. We started producing SLIP’s as an alternative to conventional storm windows in an effort to not take away from the look of a vintage window. You’ll hardly know the SLIP is there. All of our SLIPS glass is also safety tempered glass. No more big and bulky storm window and no more opening to sets of windows to get some fresh air in.

The insulation power of SLIP’s is amazing. They allow you to save each and every month on your energy bills. The insulation power is neck and neck with insulated glass replacement windows, but at far less cost. With the energy savings you save with a SLIP, it will pay for itself, all the while adding residual value to your home.

The other benefit with SLIPS is there is nothing to go wrong. There are no operating pieces, there is no alteration of the window and the SLIP’s become a part of the window itself. This means a lower future maintenance cost. SLIP’s as apposed to IGU’s do not fail. There will never be a need to change out glass do to a failed glass unit.

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Insulated Glass Conversions

Conversions are also ideal for those looking to get more insulation power from their existing windows and maintain the original millwork. This process involves the removal of the existing pane of glass and routing out the sash to accommodate thicker insulated glass. This will give consumers the advantage of insulated glass which comes with many advantages on including the option of higher energy-efficient Low-E alternatives.